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Programs : Program Course Equivalency Search

There are three ways to search for preapproved Study Abroad courses:

  • By Program to see which courses may already have been preapproved for a given program.
  • By USU Class Prefix to find programs where equivalencies for that subject may be offered (for example: ACCT will bring up all the ACCT possibilities that have been preapproved for any study abroad program).
  • By Keywords to bring up courses that include a particular word (for example: History will bring up all the History possibilities that have been preapproved).

    Some programs may not have any courses preapproved yet if USU students have not recently attended that program or if articulations are in process. Also, if a course was approved for one type of credit, it is possible for it to be approved for a different type of credit.

    Students still need to complete the Study Abroad Credit Approval Form. This database can help in discussions with articulation representatives and academic advisors to demonstrate what has already been approved for students who studied abroad in the past.

    When there are X's in the course prefix number, this means the course comes back as elective credit. 1 & 2 indicate a lower level elective, 3 & 4 indicate an upper level elective, and anything above indicates a graduate level elective. Students should work with their academic advisor in advance to determine if the level of elective credit they would receive meets any desired requirements in Degree Works.
  • Program Course Equivalency Search